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Champion JustiFLY Feedthrough with IGR

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JustiFLY® Feedthrough 360gram is an insect growth regulator (IGR) larvicide available for use on-farm that effectively treats horn flies as well as disease-caring face flies, biting stable fly and nuisance houseflies. New JustiFLY® Feedthrough add-pack is priced to allow beef and dairy producers cost-effective fly control and stopping the larvae from developing once in contact with treated manure. The new add-pack allows producers full-season fly control while utilizing their own specific mineral choice. There's no longer a need to change minerals to economically include fly control. New JustiFLY® Feedthrough in a convenient 360-gram (12.7-once) add-pack for use with free choice minerals to control flies on pasture and confinement cattle. The economically priced 360-gram add-pack treats one 50-lb. bag of free choice mineral.

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  • JustiFLY® Feed Through in a convenient 360 gram add-pack for use on-farm;
  • The economically priced 360-gram add-pack treats one 50-lb. bag of mineral;
  • Breaks the life cycle of horn fly, stable fly, house fly and face fly for pennies per head/day;
  • No animal-handling stress for fly control, no withdrawal period;
  • Approved in all beef and dairy cows (including lactating cows), confinement and pasture cattle and calves.