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Pulverize 32oz Weed & Grass Killer

Model: PNS-032

Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer is a fact acting weed, grass, algae and moss killer.  Incidental over spray will not stain concrete of pavement.  Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer suppresses the growth of some bi-annual and perennial weeds.  It can be used in cultivated areas prior to planting grass or flowers.  Areas can be re-sown five days after treatment.  Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer can be used at any time during the year.  Best results obtained with young, actively growing weeds, less than five inches in size. Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer kills weeds, grasses, algae, and moss. Fast acting. See results in 20 minutes.