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Nursemate ASAP Immunity Booster for Calves

UPC: 669504111050

Whenever a calf is born, minutes count.  Newborn calves need to get on their feet and get colostrum into their immature immune systems within the first few hours of life if they are going to obtain the passive immunity they need. Whether nursing its mother or hand-fed in a calf hutch, every newborn calf needs Nursemate ASAP. It is Operation First Step for newborn calves.

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Nursemate® ASAP is convenient and easy to use.

Nursemate comes in an easy to use 30 mL tube. No pails, no mixing and no feeding tubes. Just put the tip of the dosing syringe on the back of the calf’s tongue and push the plunger slowly. It’s a good idea to carry a couple of tubes of Nursemate in your pocket every time you check the calving pen.

Nursemate® ASAP is effective.

Nursemate is made from concentrated colostrum. The naturally occurring omcpnents found in colostrum are just what the newborn needs while it is on the ground, before nursing or being fed colostrum. Nursemate gets the newborn up and nursing faster, giving its immune system the head start it needs.

Nursemate® ASAP is the right dosage.

Nursemate’s concentrated formula and 30 mL dosage gets the newborn calves started but it does not fill them up so they are hungry for their first feeding of colostrum.

Nursemate® ASAP is economical.

It costs less to administer a dose of Nursemate ASAP than it does to administer a treatment with another colostrum supplement. More convenient, easier to use, effective dosage and more cost effective make Nursemate ASAP the first choice for farmers and ranchers who want to give their newborn calves a head start.