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  • Pennington® Deer & Wildlife Seed Mixture

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Pennington's Deer and Wildlife Seed Mixture is an economical blend of highly preferred winter annual small grains (wheat and oats) and Austrian winter peas that attracts and holds deer from fall through spring. It provides the nutrients needed to help the deer herd maintain good body condition throughout the rut and winter stress season. As the small grains mature, they provide excellent food, cover, and habitat for browsing quail and turkey.

  • Top Notch Fall Wildlife Forage Mix 

    Manufacturer: BWI Companies, Inc.

    With a new choice of small grains, peas, clover, and brassicas, Top Notch Fall Wildlife Mix will attract deer, turkey, and other wildlife to your plot and also provides an excellent source of protein and nutrients for the wildlife.

  • Victor® Original Wooden Mouse Trap 

    Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: M150

    Consistent quality from a century-old brand. Original wooden base wire snap trap with a metal trip pedal. Uses wood from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified forests. Over one billion traps sold. Made in the U.S.A.

  • Nisus® Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Virucide (DSV)

    This all-in-one solution is a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective against disease-causing bacteria. But it’s also a sanitizer that can rid an area of germs and fungi that can cause sickness and mold. And it’s a powerful virucide, capable of killing the viruses you’ve read about in today’s headlines, as well as many others that you may not even be aware are stalking your customers’ homes.

  • Rackmaster Texas Twist Food Plot Seed Mix

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Blended specifically for Texas and surrounding states, RACKMASTER Texas Twist is a mixture of brassicas including rape, purple top turnip and Trophy Radishes with crimson, arrowleaf and sweet clovers. It provides an abundant amount of high protein and energy rich nutrition for deer, turkey and other wildlife.

  • Rackmaster Texas Complete Food Plot Seed Mix

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    Formulated specifically for Texas and surrounding states, RACKMASTER Texas Complete contains a custom blend of winter annual small grains, brassica and annual legumes to attract deer and provide them a high quality food source. Texas Complete provides the nutrients needed to help the deer herd build up the carbohydrates needed as stored fat to maintain good body condition and health throughout the rut and winter stress season. 

  • StandGuard® Pour-on

    StandGuard Pour-on is an ideal horn fly and lice control solution for your rotational program as it contains gamma-cyhalothrin—the latest generation of pyrethroids—which has not previously been used in beef cattle. It's a powerful, low-dose, easy-to-use cattle pour-on.

  • Rackmaster® Early Draw Food Plot Seed Mix

    Manufacturer: Pennington Seed

    RACKMASTER Early Draw combines a blend of warm and cool season annuals in a single package to provide an irresistible late summer/early fall food source to draw deer in early for bow hunting and hold them in the area for the entire hunting season and beyond. Oats, cowpeas and buckwheat quickly germinate and grow, luring deer from the surrounding area to the food plot in late summer and into fall. As winter sets in, carbohydrates contained in the leaves of the Trophy Radish and purple top turnips are converted to sugars providing deer with a highly palatable source of energy during the colder months following the rut. After the leaves are consumed, deer continue to ingest valuable nutrients by browsing on the large roots formed by the radish and turnip plants.  RACKMASTER Early Draw seed blend features RapidResults seed germination enhancement technology which promotes quicker emergence and stronger, deeper root growth. The result is a hardier and more productive food plot that<

  • Martin's® Pramitol® 25E Herbicide

    Manufacturer: Control Solutions Inc.

    Pramitol® is a bare ground herbicide. Can be used around buildings, fences, recreational areas, fuel tanks, roadways, airports, highway medians, pipelines and similar areas. Controls hard to kill Johnson grass and Bindweed. One quart treats up to 2,500 square feet.

  • CapShield Plus Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection - Feline

    CapShield Plus is a combination of Nitinpyram and Lufenuron (CapStar & Program). With Lufenuron you get month long protection and with Nitenpyram you get total flea kill in under 30 minutes. Sourced and packaged in the USA.

  • CapShield Plus Skin Supplement for Extended Flea Protection - Canine

    CapShield Plus is a combination of Nitinpyram and Lufenuron (CapStar & Program). With Lufenuron you get month long protection and with Nitenpyram you get total flea kill in under 30 minutes. Sourced and packaged in the USA. 

  • BASF® Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® Ant & Termite Foam 

    This BASF-approved foam partner for Termidor® termiticide/insecticide won’t compromise your Termidor® treatment zone or your desire for the best pest control available. Alpine® foam is part of a family of Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® Insecticides that contain the active ingredient dinotefuran, a non-repellent the EPA has granted reduced-risk status for public health use.

  • BASF® Prescription Treatment® brand Alpine® Pressurized Insecticide

    BASF Alpine™ Pressurized Insecticide Alpine pressurized insecticide is the only Reduced Risk* nonrepellent aerosol labeled for use against crawling and flying insects. There’s simply no better aerosol you can choose for your residential GPC customers than Alpine pressurized insecticide.

  • Gordon's® Pasture Pro® Herbicide

    Concentrated 24-D mixed-amine herbicide formulation. Use on pastures and lawns. Eliminates 125+ species of tough broadleaf weeds and brush. No waiting between treatment and grazing when used alone once sprays have dried. One gallon treats 2 to 4 acres.

  • Rooster Booster® Poultry Cell Supplement

    The maker of champion birds, is an essential blood-building supplement with extra iron and amino acids. Poultry Cell enhances and promotes good health. Available in 16oz and 32oz bottles.

  • Old MacDonald's® Stop That Peckin'™ Spray

    Old MacDonald's® Stop That Peckin'™ Spray can help break your flock's pecking habit: spray on feathers when pecking is first noticed. Works on poultry and fowl to stop them from pecking on one another. Apply to birds that are newly introduced to the flock as a preventive measure. Do not apply to the head, comb, wattles or eyes, nor to red and raw skin. Non-toxic weather-resistant formula.

  • Little Farmer Coop-Right

    Coop-Right will help keep your clean chicken coop fresh and healthy. Sprinkle it in the nesting box, place in a pan as a dust bath, & sprinkle on the floor of a clean coop (don't forget the roosting area). 

  • Alligare Triclopyr 4 Herbicide

    A herbicide for control of woody plants, annuals and perennial broadleaf weeds in forests, grass pastures, rangeland, CRP acres, rights-of-way, and in non-crop areas and ornamental turf, industrial sites and non-irrigation ditch banks.

  • Bengal® Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray

    Kills wasps and hornets. Instant knockdown. 18" wide shotgun spray pattern - insects can't escape. Provides a 20-foot nest-drenching blast that kills insects on contact.

  • Purina® Race Ready® GT Horse Feed

    Manufacturer: Purina

    The demands of racing can place equine athletes under varying degrees of stress. That’s why our Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists and Veterinarians developed a performance horse feed that meets the energy demands of elite athletes with special additives to provide optimal support when your horses need it most – during times of stress. Purina® Race Ready® GT horse feed is formulated to meet the nutritional demands of race horses and helps support proper immune function and a healthy gastric environment.View Guaranteed Analysis and more information on this product.

  • Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care Horse Formula

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Horses thrive on consistency, but there’s nothing consistent about competition: performance schedules are anything but predictable, new neighbors arrive in adjoining stalls, and arenas and environments are constantly changing. This inconsistency can take a toll - affecting health, attitude, and performance. In fact, even common activities including stall confinement, exercise, and transportation are known to cause stress in horses, which may challenge their immune systems and can lead to gastric discomfort. Purina® Ultium® Gastric Care horse formula helps equine athletes during the stress of competition by providing optimal gastric and immune support.

  • Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement

    Manufacturer: Purina

    Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement  is formulated to support gastric health and proper pH. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of active horses experience gastric discomfort, a­ffecting health, attitude and performance. Common activities including stall confinement, exercise, transportation, weaning and few environments such as events and shows are known to cause stress and gastric discomfort. Purina® Outlast™ Gastric Support Supplement was developed by our Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists to support a healthy gastric environment. View Guaranteed Analysis and more information on this product.

  • Pure Planet™ Poultry Spray

    Pure Planet™ Poultry Spray is made with non-toxic, all-natural ingredients; clove oil and cottonseed oil. Pure Planet™ Poultry Spray controls and kills mites, lice, fleas, ticks and bed bugs on chickens, ducks and turkeys. It is recommended for use on other poultry and in coops as well.

  • Medina® Growin Green Organic Granular Fertilizer

    Medina Growin Green Organic Fertilizer is a natural Fertilizer for all of your gardening needs. It is derived from Humate, Pasteurized Poultry Manure and Molasses. Medina Growin Green Fertilizer will green up your lawn quickly and is pasteurized for stability and odor reduction. 

  • Medina® Actina Septic Tank Activator

    Actina increases the natural biological activity of microbes present in sewage. It contains biological activators derived from a fermentation process. This increase in the activity and numbers of organisms can help speed up the digestion of wastes, and release enzymes that break down grease and other complex wastes. Because these wastes are more completely digested the need for cleaning and pumping are greatly reduced and so are the odors. Actina helps produce digestive organisms that liquefy grease and waste solids, so they flow easily through the pipes, all the way into drain fields.