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  • IMAGE® Southern Lawn Weed Killer

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    New IMAGE Southern Lawn Weed Killer for St. Augustine grass and Centipede grass contains multiple active ingredients to provide excellent broadleaf weed control in established warm-season and cool-season grasses. Weeds controlled include dandelion, chickweed, clover, dollar weed, and spurge. Weed injury symptoms are normally noticed within a few days of application.

  • Down To Earth Azomite® Granular Fertilizer

    Manufacturer: Down To Earth Distributors Inc

    Down To Earth™ AZOMITE®, the “A to Z of Minerals Including Trace Elements,” is a natural trace mineral product formed from the dust of an ancient volcano in central Utah. DTE™ AZOMITE® can improve root system growth, crop yields, quality, and flavors. This granulated grade is ideal for blending with other fertilizer materials or amendments as a trace mineral resource to help meet plant nutritional needs. It can be applied directly or in combination with composts, fertilizers, manures or soil inoculants. Available in 3 sizes: 5 lb. Box, 6 lb. Box, 50 lb. Bag.

  • Esschert Design Terrarium Bottle 55L Set with Tools 

    Create your own Ecosystem with this 55-liter glass closed terrarium bottle including tools to make it easier to place and arrange.

  • The Andersons® Crabgrass Preventer with Balan® Herbicide Granules

    Manufacturer: Dow Chemical Model: APTDG25B4.2

    Balan® Granular Herbicide provides preemergent control of crabgrass and other listed annual grasses. One 40 pound bag will cover 21,700 square feet at a medium rate of use. 40#.

  • Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil

    Manufacturer: Scotts Miracle-Gro Garden Products Model: 73959430

    Ready to grow your own backyard bounty? Trust Miracle-Gro® Raised Bed Soil to grow bigger, more bountiful plants (vs. unfed plants). Our raised bed soil provides the right foundation your raised bed plants need to thrive. Not to mention, the 100% organic formula requires no mixing! Simply add this soil to your raised bed garden to grow your vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs with organic nutrients you can count on.

  • Harris® Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    Manufacturer: Harris Pest Control

    Harris Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is composed of 100% ground freshwater DE, with no additives. The product is made of the naturally occurring fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of algae that forms in freshwater. These remains are ground up into a soft, fine white powder that carries many different uses. It’s chemical free and completely safe to use around children and pets.

  • Holt's 12" Nut Wizard Pecan Picker

    The 12" Nut Wizard picks up slightly larger nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls between ½" and 1½" in diameter; we recommend it for small and large sized native pecans, white oak, and crab apples.

  • ferti-lome® MosquitoGo® Yard Fogger

    Manufacturer: Voluntary Purchasing Group Inc Model: 10042

    Kills and repels mosquitoes, biting flies, gnats, moths, and other listed flying insects. For use on porches, patio areas, screens, window frames, doors, and other areas. Water-based formula.

  • Amdro® Quick Killer Mosquito Fogger

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    AMDRO Quick Kill Mosquito Fogger works the first time to kill mosquitoes including those that may transmit West Nile, Zika & Chikungunya virus by contact. This exclusive formula also kills other flying insects such as wasps and yellow jackets and is great for patios, porches & decks. 14 oz.

  • Pulverize 32oz Weed, Brush & Vine Killer

    Model: PZBV-U-032

    Controls or suppresses most weeds, grasses, moss and algae, such as (but not limited to): annual bluegrass, barnyard grass, black medick, broadleaf filaree, broom*, burclover, cat's ear, common chickweed, common groundsel, commons lamb's quarters, corn spurry, creeping buttercup, curled dock, dandelion, English daisy, false dandelion, fiddle neck, fleabane*, foxtail fescue, geranium species, horsetail*, kudzu*, large crabgrass, lady's-thumb, locoweed, low cudweed, lupine mouse-eared chickweed, mustard species, oxalis, plantain species, poison ivy*, poison oak*, red clover, redroot pigweed, round leaved mallow, rush, sheep sorrel, shepard's purse, spiny annual sowthistle, stinkweed, wild blackberry*, wild carrot, wild hyacinth and white clover. Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer kills even the toughest plants.  Works fast.  See results in hours. Kills tough weeds: roots and all. 

  • Pulverize 32oz Weed & Grass Killer

    Model: PNS-032

    Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer is a fact acting weed, grass, algae and moss killer.  Incidental over spray will not stain concrete of pavement.  Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer suppresses the growth of some bi-annual and perennial weeds.  It can be used in cultivated areas prior to planting grass or flowers.  Areas can be re-sown five days after treatment.  Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer can be used at any time during the year.  Best results obtained with young, actively growing weeds, less than five inches in size. Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer kills weeds, grasses, algae, and moss. Fast acting. See results in 20 minutes.

  • Pulverize 32oz Weed Killer

    Model: PZS-032

    Pulverize Weed Killer works quickly; dying weeds will be seen within hours of application.  Treated weeds, moss or algae will turn brown after treatment, however, grass will recover within a few days to weeks.  May stain thatch (dead grass under lawn); this does not affect the health of the grass. Pulverize Weed Killer kills weeds, not lawns.  Works fast, see results in hours.  Kills weeds down to the roots.

  • Lady Bug™ All-Purpose Fertilizer 8-2-4

    All-Purpose 8-2-4 formula is burn-free and perfect for every part of your garden, including herbs, vegetables, and flower gardens. If you are preparing your lawn for winter, its slow release of nutrients even helps to prevent damage from the cold. The organic nutrients in our All-Purpose Fertilizer are derived from composted turkey litter, hydrolyzed feather meal, molasses, and sulfate of potash. As a lawn, tree, or shrub fertilizer, All-Purpose Fertilizer should be applied two to three times a year at the rate of 6 lbs. per 1,000 square feet.

  • Lady Bug™ Rose Magic Soil

    Rose Magic can be used for planting everything from cactus and citrus to roses and vegetables and can be used to amend heavy soils during planting. Rose Magic is a balanced blend of composts, composted reclaimed topsoil, Magic Sand, and Super Natural Expanded Shale. Fill a newly built planting bed with Rose Magic, or use Rose Magic to freshen the soil in an existing bed.

  • Nitro-Phos Superturf 19-4-10 Fertilizer 

    Superturf is our best formula with environmental concerns in mind. Contains Methelyne Urea. 50% of the nitrogen is slow release for less nitrogen run-off. Feeds up 12 to 16 weeks. Contains 4% iron and extra amounts of magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Covers 7,600 sq.ft.

  • Pennington Ironite Mineral Supplement 1-0-1 [3# and 15#]

    Vibrant, deep green foliage is a sign of a vigorous plant. Pale green or yellow foliage can be caused by nutrient deficiencies which can be corrected by the nitrogen, iron and other minerals found in Ironite Mineral Supplement. Use this product to green up your lawn and garden.

  • Nitro-Phos Fall Special Fertilizer 8-12-16 

    Fall Special is a winterizer rich in phosphate and potash for winter hardiness and disease resistance.

    This formula provides the nutrients needed by lawn grasses in the fall to ensure vigorous initial growth in the spring.
    Covers 6,000 sq.ft.

  • Nisus® Bora-Car™ with Mold-Care Wood Treatment

    Mold-Care is the industry’s leading weapon against mold. It acts as a surface-protectant, killing all forms of fungi, sanitizing and disinfecting the treated area. Bora-Care is the industry’s leading borate-based wood preservative, rendering treated wood impervious to termites and other wood destroying insects, as well as wood decay fungi. It actually diffuses into the wood where remains for the life of the wood, providing residual protection. When used together, they create a highly effective solution to insects and mold. 

  • Medina® Growin Green Organic Granular Fertilizer

    Medina Growin Green Organic Fertilizer is a natural Fertilizer for all of your gardening needs. It is derived from Humate, Pasteurized Poultry Manure and Molasses. Medina Growin Green Fertilizer will green up your lawn quickly and is pasteurized for stability and odor reduction. 

  • Medina® Actina Septic Tank Activator

    Actina increases the natural biological activity of microbes present in sewage. It contains biological activators derived from a fermentation process. This increase in the activity and numbers of organisms can help speed up the digestion of wastes, and release enzymes that break down grease and other complex wastes. Because these wastes are more completely digested the need for cleaning and pumping are greatly reduced and so are the odors. Actina helps produce digestive organisms that liquefy grease and waste solids, so they flow easily through the pipes, all the way into drain fields.

  • Medina® Orange Oil

    Medina Orange Oil is a natural and biodegradable product made from the oils extracted from orange peels during a cold press process that preserves the natural strucuture of the oil. Orange Oil has been found to be a key component of various gardening and household applications. Orange Oil has been found to naturally deter some insect pests such as fire ants. Medina Orange Oil is 98% cold pressed orange peel and 2% emulsifier.

  • Medina® Horticulture Molasses

    Molasses provides a natural food source for the indigenous microbial populations in the soil. It is recommended for all types of plants, crops and turf. Molasses is compatible with most natural biological soil stimulators.

  • Medina® Liquid Fish Blend 2-3-2

    Medina® Liquid Fish Blend 2-3-2 is an excellent root growth stimulator. Can be foliar or soil applied during the entire growing season. Derived from Hydrolized fish emulsion, cane molasses, apple cider vinegar, seaweed extract, and leonardite ore. Also contains Humic Acid.

  • Medina® Humate Humic Acid Liquid Humus

    HuMate liquid humus is like concentrated compost in a bottle. Humic acid is a basic product for natural gardening enthusiasts who want to build the quality and structure of the soil without chemical fertilizers. Our humus comes from deep below the ground’s surface, where plant matter has been “composted” for hundreds or thousands of years. HuMate liquid humus helps the natural plant-to soil relationships, increases fertilizer uptake, and chelates trace minerals.