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  • Permectrin® CDS Pour-On Insecticide

    Manufacturer: Bayer Animal Health

    Permectrin® CDS Pour-On Insecticide is a synergized formula for direct use on beef cattle, dairy cattle (including lactating), sheep, lambs, horses and foals for the control of a variety of pests listed on the label.

  • Martin's® Fly Ban Synergizer Pour-On Insecticide for Cattle

    Manufacturer: Control Solutions Inc.

    Controls lice and flies on beef cattle, lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and calves when applied as a pour-on, mist spray or back rubber. Controls keds on sheep and lambs when applied as a pour-on. Controls flies on horses when applied as a wipe-on, pour-on or ready-to-use spray.

  • Tomcat® Bait Chunx 4 lb. Pail

    Manufacturer: Motomco Model: 32444

    Tomcat has been a farmer favorite for effective control of rats and mice for years. Tomcat baits are manufactured with food-grade ingredients and enhancers, resulting in a palatable bait with consistent results in controlling rat and mouse infestations. 

  • Gallagher® S16 Solar Fence Energizer

    Manufacturer: Gallagher Fence Model: G341414

    A compact Energizer that powers up to 10 miles / 30 acres that comes with a rechargeable battery and in-built solar panel. The S16 has 0.16 Joules of stored energy, is quick and easy to install making it a great alternative to battery powered systems.

  • VetGun™ 2-Pk 90 GM CO2 Cartridge

    Manufacturer: Agrilabs

    CO2 propellant cartridges for use with the VetGun Insecticide System. 90 gram catridges provide 70 to 90 discharges of the VetGun. The VetGun kit currently comes with an adapter for 90 gram cartridges.

  • Glycerine Saddle Soap Bar

    Manufacturer: Fiebing Company, Inc.

    The 100% glycerine bar restores leather to its full-bodied suppleness and buffs to a rich, satin finish. An excellent cleaner and preservative. Fair and Horse Show exhibitors often shampoo prize horses and cattle with glycerine bars to impart a healthy sheen to their coats.

  • Saddle Soap Paste

    Manufacturer: Fiebing Company, Inc.

    Fiebing's signature product. Used all over the world on fine saddlery, boots, shoes and other smooth leather articles. Cleans leather and lubricates the fibers to prevent brittleness, all the while maintaining suppleness and strength. Formulated in yellow, white and black. Fiebing's Black Saddle Soap Paste works especially well on all black harness and tack.

  • Starbar® Golden Malrin® Fly Attractant

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Contains Muscamone®, a powerful fly attractant. Flies die rapidly after feeding. Homogenous formula ensures uniform effectiveness in every dose. Use as a scatter bait or with a fly bait station.

  • Just One Bite®* II Bait Chunks 

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    For indoor and outdoor rat and house mouse control. Bait chunks fit in burrows, runways and hard-to-reach areas where rats and house mice live and breed.

  • 10' Galvanized Bunk Feeder

    Manufacturer: Ranger Gates

    One piece polyethelene trough with wrap around top to protect pipe. 1 5/8” 18 gauge GATORSHIELD galvanized tubing. Rounded inside corners. Heights available for cattle and horses.

  • Ramik® Glue Traps 

    Manufacturer: Neogen

    Disposable, non-toxic, ready-to-use, professional strength pre-baited trap.

  • Tub O' Towels Heavy Duty Wipes - 40ct.

    A tough cleaning solution deserves a tough towel. Our fiber weave design not only captures grime and dirt particles, it’s tough enough to withstand vigorous scrubbing for jobs that need a little more elbow grease.

  • Tomcat Rat Killer II with Bait Station

    Manufacturer: Motomco

    The Tomcat Rat Killer II can be used indoors or out, and is resistant to weather. This product is resistant to child tampering as well.

  • PetAg 2 oz. Nursing Bottle

    Manufacturer: Lambert Kay Model: FG99803

    2 oz. Nursing Bottles are durable plastic bottles made to withstand repeated use and sterilization. Nipples come with no holes for custom control flow of formula. Graduated bottles aid in accurate feeding. Designed by vets with natural feeding action.

  • Baccto® Wholly Cow™ Organic Peat & Composted Manure

    Manufacturer: Michigan Peat Company

    An odor-free blend of natural animal manure and composted peat, Wholly Cow™ provides a high nutrient content, making it ideal for a wide range of plantings. Natural water holding capacity allows reduced watering – no additional chemicals required.

  • All Seasons Feeders 100lb Hercules Road Feeder

    Manufacturer: All Seasons Feeders

    Our 100lb. Hercules Road Feeder™ uses a spinner mechanism that not only rotates, but goes up and down creating a closed seal when the motor is off.

  • Tomcat® Refillable Mouse Killer X Bait Station Bag

    Manufacturer: Motomco

    1 refillable bait station with 16 bait refills. Effectively kills mice while providing Tomcat®'s best combination of value & security. Resistant to tampering by children. Each bait block kills up to 6 mice. For indoor use only. Clear lid for easy bait monitoring.

  • Fiebing's Hoof Dressing With Applicator

    Manufacturer: Fiebing Company, Inc.

    Since 1895, ranchers, breeders, stage operators and the U.S. Cavalry have relied on Fiebing quality. Fiebing’s Hoof Dressing is today, as it was then, the professional horseman’s standard for use on corns, quarter cracks, split hoofs and brittleness. 32 oz. 

  • Farnam Tri-Tec 14 Fly Repellent

    Manufacturer: Farnam Animal Health Care

    Quick knock-down, long-lasting protection from flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Up to 14 days fly control. Protects against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies, plus gnats, mosquitoes, lice and deer ticks. Contains sunscreen. Water-base formula.

  • Starbar Fly Stik Jr. Trap

    Manufacturer: Starbar

    Sticky fly trap sticks that can be used indoors or out. Fly Stik™ Jr. fly trap at 12 inches contains no insecticides and is odor-free. Great for use in and around barns, stables, corrals and homes.

  • Starbar Prolate/lintox-HD Insecticidal Spray & Backrubber

    Manufacturer: Starbar

    Diluted and used as a spray or in a backrubber, the powerful active ingredient in Prolate/Lintox-HD™ Insecticidal Spray & Backrubber kills a variety of insects on contact. Prolate/Lintox-HD™ Insecticidal Spray & Backrubber can be used for treatment of horn flies on non-lactating cattle or for lice and sarcoptic mange mites on swine. It also kills ticks.

  • Earth-Kind® Fresh Cab® Botanical Rodent Repellent

    Model: FC6

    Fresh Cab® all-natural rodent repellent is a safe, effective way to protect your family and property without dangerous traps or messy disposal. Made of a patented blend of plant fibers and botanical extracts, Fresh Cab® chases mice out and keeps them out GUARANTEED! Pack of 4.

  • Crystal Blue Stock Plex Stock Tank Algae Control

    Manufacturer: Sanco Industries

    Stock Plex is designed to keep your livestock watering tanks free of algae and weeds.  Stock Plex can be used to prevent algae or to clean existing algae.  Stock Plex is a copper sulfate based blend safe for many animals like cattle, horses, and dogs.   

  • Golden Malrin 1lb

    Manufacturer: Starbar

    Controls nuisance flies quickly and effectively. Can be used daily where flies are a problem as a scatter bait or in a bait station. Flies die rapidly after feeding on it.