Getting a Grip on Dog Leashes

Dog leashes are a necessary part of walking your dog. Since you're likely use one on a daily basis, it’s good to know the different types and their purposes:

Your standard leash just has your standard 6-foot long lead with a loop at one end and a clip for the collar at the other. These are typically made out of leather and nylon. If you have a dog that likes to chew at the leash, the chain version will come in particularly handy. These leashes are meant for basic training and can continue to be used after that as well.

An adjustable leash is just like a standard leash except that it has loops that can easily adjust how long the lead will be. If necessary, these are convenient for temporarily tethering your dog to a pole.

This is a great leash that gives you control of your dog but still lets him wander. It is equipped with a nylon cord that extends 25-plus feet out of a plastic casing with a handle. However, this leash should only be used after your dog has successfully been trained on a standard leash. If not, your pooch may develop bad habits such as excessive tugging.

Used almost exclusively in show rings, Martingale leads are a combination of a leash and a collar. They slip over the head and tighten when the lead is pulled while plastic tubes slide down the leash to keep the collar in place.

Now that you know the types and purposes of the different leashes, hopefully you will be able to make more informed decisions when contemplating buying one.