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A Proud History of Service to the Youth, Agri-Businesses and People of Matagorda County.

1930’s Current building constructed and operated as a Grocery Warehouse and Distribution center. Some of the warehouse walls are built extra thick to accommodate the walk-in cooler.1

1953 Mr. Paul Langham purchased the building and opened Langham’s Feed, featuring Purina Chow feeds. The distinctive red and white checkerboards first appeared on the building.

1976 The Stewart Family moved to Bay City and purchased Langham Feed. On August 1st of that year, the store officially opened as Bay City Feed Co., Inc. by new owners Jimmie and M.J. (father) Stewart. Jimmie brings many years of hands-on ranching (cattle and sheep) and retail (grocery) experience to the new business.

1977 Bay City Feed Co. purchased it’s first 4-H and FFA youth projects at the Matagorda Co. Fair and Livestock Show. This initiated a tradition that continues today as Bay City Feed helps many local youth by purchasing dozens of projects over the years. Many more local youth have benefited from Bay City Feed’s advice, assistance and unique Youth Credit program. In most cases this represents these youths’ first experience with money and credit. “Bay City Feed Co. – helping Matagorda Co. Youth Become Champions Since 1976”.

1977 Bay City Feed completed its remodeling efforts, which included a covered dock, new entrance, and air-conditioned retail show room. Most importantly, a coffee bench was added. The old bench has heard many a tale from local farmers and ranchers over the years. On rainy or cold mornings you can still find an audience on the bench.

1978 The store began its on-going tradition of involvement as a workstation for vocational Education programs at Bay City and Van Vleck High Schools. Scores of local students gained unique experience working in the warehouse or store office. This was the first job for many. Quite a few of these former employees still reside in the area and are regulars at the feed store.

1980’s As Bay City and Matagorda County went, so went Bay City Feed during the decade of the 80’s. The boom associated with the South Texas Project brought many new friends into the store, but the agricultural recession took its tool on area farmers and ranchers.

1991 Jimmie’s son, Jay, moved home from Virginia to help manage the store and the family’s ranching operations. Jay joined a long line of managers with extended and dedicated service to the customers of Bay City Feed, including: Gene Sorenson, Adam Pina, John Huston, Darrell Bartos, and Mitch Abshier.

1992 Pam Hoffman joined Bay City Feed as a bookkeeper and office assistant. She took to the work like a fish to water and soon adopted a new family consisting of the store’s customers and employees.

1994 The Sante Fe Railroad Siding was removed on the east side of the warehouse. This marked the end of an era as Diesel trucks and trailers made rail cars obsolete for hauling livestock feeds.

1995 Bay City Feed purchases a partnership share in Angleton Feed and Supply in Angleton.

1997 Bay City Feed recognized as DECA Vocational Employer of the Year.

1998 Bay City Feed and Jay Stewart receive the “Friend of 4-H” Award from Matagorda Co. 4-H Chapters. Patricia Krenek joined the team as office and sales assistant. She quickly won the affection of customers and coworkers with her congenial personality and upbeat perspective.

1999 Bay City Feed earned its 3rd straight Chow Honor Council award from Purina Mills. This award recognizes the top 5% Purina Feed Dealers in the nation based on sales and service provided to their local market. This award is a testament to the loyalty and support of the store’s long time customers, friends and neighbors.

1999 A year of changes… Jay accepted a position with Bay City Feed’s primary supplier, Purina Mills, Inc. as a Dealer Account Manager working with other South Texas Purina Dealerships. Pam Hoffman took over as General Manager, bringing more of a woman’s touch to the store. The partnership interest in Angleton Feed was sold, thus allowing store staff to focus on serving The needs of this area. After 4 years of dedicated service, Clayton Ryman accepted a job at a local Plant. Garrett Lenz, who not too many years before was buying show feed for his 4-H projects, joined the team as Sales Manager. Current Bay City Feed remains committed the citizens of Matagorda County and continues to provide them with quality products and services. Bay City Feed is actively involved with and provides donations for many community groups such as Mat. Co. S.P.C.A., The Nature Center, local 4-H and FFA chapters, and several others. Annual events sponsored by Bay City Feed include Free Chick Days, Cattle Meetings, Horse Seminars, Free Dog Flea Treatments, and participation in the Mat. Co. Fair and Livestock Show.

Our Services

Delivery Service, hot shot and syringe repair.